Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doc Time (with a little help from p2)

It is that time of year again: documentation time. Irrespective of any personal feeling towards writing documentation, I do realize that it is quite important for something like PDE/Build.

I will start with the eclipse help itself and then perhaps write some blog posts with small examples and how-tos. I may even take a look at the venerable Build and Test Automation article. It was written for 3.0, now that we are hitting 3.4 I'm sure it could use an update.

And a little p2 plug:
I used to use mozilla to write the html help docs, but I decided I'd like to stay within Eclipse. I'm sure there has to be a decent html editor somewhere in Ganymede.

So, to the Software Updates dialog, I add the Ganymede update site ( "Web and Java EE Development -> WTP Web Page Editor" looks promising. I click the checky box and install. p2 downloaded a bunch of stuff, and after a restart, voila! : A webpage editor, easy as pie.

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