Thursday, August 23, 2007

PDE Build Slides from EclipseCon 2007

The slides we (Sonia Dimitrov, Pascal Rapicault, and myself) presented at EclipseCon 2007 are now posted online. We're only about 6 months late putting them up.

They are attached to the Eclipsezilla entry for the tutorial. If you want to run the examples, you will need the Eclipse SDK and the RCP delta-pack. The examples were tested against an old integration build which is no longer available, but using 3.3 should work just fine.


nickb said...


Your blog labels, eg. "PDE Build EclipseCon" or "Eclipse EclipseCon" need to be comma-separated for them to be reusable -- "PDE, Build, EclipseCon"; "Eclipse, EclipseCon". Then you can have an EclipseCon label page, etc.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nick.