Friday, February 02, 2007

Feature Version Suffixes in PDE/Build

This week I released a patch from David Olsen which is a significant change to how pde/build calculates feature version suffixes. The details are in bug 157049, as well, the problems outlined in bug 162020 are fixed as a consequence.

The biggest thing to note is that the major, minor and service segments are now included in the calcuation. This covers the case when a plugin decrements its qualifier and increments, for example, the service number.

These changes will be in 3.3 M5. There may be cases where these changes could cause a one-time decrease in the version suffix, so builders picking up these changes are advised to increment their feature qualifiers.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

wohoo, maybe now you have time to look at that crazy one involving pointing to another repository that has binaries already so builds could be faster. There are a lot of cases where people are rebuilding things when they shouldn't need to imho.

Cool beans nonetheless ;)

Unknown said...

No promises, but I believe there are some investigations going on along these lines. Mostly to do with supporting building against bundles coming from Orbit.

Kim Moir said...

Chris see
DJ implemented a PDE Build Fetch factory to fetch prebuilt bundles from Orbit which we incorporated into our build late last week.